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“Every entrepreneur exits. It’s one of the few absolute certainties in business. Assuming you’ve built a viable company, you can choose when and how you exit, but you can’t choose whether. It’s going to happen. You can count on it.” – Bo Birmingham from his book ‘Finish Big’

Who we are

Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions Inc. was founded based on a desire to do better. We are a boutique advisory firm focused on serving small- to mid-market entrepreneurial clients. We recognized that these clients were not being adequately served by business brokers or larger investment banking firms but still required – and deserved – sophisticated and experienced professionals to get the job done right.

We were often shocked that simple tax issues and planning were ignored in business transitions. These issues often served to materially impact the value realized from the sale, frequently not for the better.

Our team has an impressive resume of academic credentials and decades of specific experience in accounting, taxation, corporate finance, valuation, business structuring, and family transitions.  As a boutique firm, clients are often surprised with our breadth of expertise across a wide range of complex topics –  expertise that is essential in order to execute a successful sale, merger or acquisition.

We pay attention to the small details, ensure our clients maximize their after-tax proceeds upon exit and consistently exceed their expectations. Filling this void in the marketplace, our company has grown quickly serving businesses across western Canada.  We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

Our Team

Mike McIsaac, CPA, CA

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Axel Christiansen, CFA

Senior Vice President

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Kevin Shaw, MBA

Senior Vice President

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Aly Abbas, P.Eng, MBA, CFA

Vice President, Alberta

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Dan Kucherka, CPA, CMA

Vice President

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Arneh Khatchatourians, CPA

Senior Associate

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Howard Ma, CFA

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Bongani Moyo

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“Winners aren’t people that never fail, winners are people that never quit.” – Anonymous

What we do

At Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions, we know the single most important financial transaction for you as a business owner is the sale of your company. It’s a process that’s often laden with high emotion, stress and unforeseen pitfalls. We also know that your exit can mark the triumphant cap on a proud career but – if not properly managed – it can also mean that a lifetime of work is devalued and lost in the blink of an eye. In most business transactions, the only difference between these two outcomes is the quality of the advice received during the sale.

In Canada, small- to mid-market companies are subject to more legal, financial, accounting and regulatory complexity than many would expect. But what does this mean for you as a business owner in the exit phase?  It means that if your company has between $5 and $50 million in annual revenue, you’re likely to face the same level of complexity as a $100M company. Yet larger advisory firms concentrate on large companies, for the simple reason that larger companies mean larger transactions and greater fees for the same amount of work.


That’s where we come in. Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in delivering the kind of expert, sophisticated yet attentive service that small- to mid-market clients need. Our dedicated team is experienced, personable and flexible, focusing on providing sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory as well as tax and valuation services. With our backgrounds in competitive sports, we’ve gained invaluable knowledge and appreciation for teamwork, goal orientation, accountability and sacrifice towards a common goal. Not only is this fundamentally tied to our service offering but it’s also profoundly connected to the delivery of those services to our clients.

At Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions, we’ll help you realize your earned success. And we will be in your corner every step of the way.

Wondering where to start? Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee to find out.

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