Industry Partners

We take great care, because you do too

In our pursuit of excellence for our clients, we work closely with key industry partners including law firms, wealth advisors and accountants who will often direct their clients to our firm. We know these companies place great value on their long-term relationships as “trusted advisor” with their clients. We take great care to ensure partner relationships are treated with that same level of trust and respect.


  • Law firms: RMA partners with law firms that provide legal expertise to the firm’s clients or offer client referrals. Law firms with expertise either in mergers and acquisitions or in specific areas of the law are crucial to the success of a well-planned transaction.
  • Financial advisors: Very often, the first professional to discuss a business transition with an entrepreneur is their financial advisor, who will often refer his or her client directly to our company because they know the value of our services. We look after those relationship with great care, with the knowledge that any referrals they get come at a crucial time in the life of their client. In return, we will also provide reciprocal referrals for our clients who may be in need of wealth management advice when they sell.
  • Accountants: While our core competency of accounting advisory work is clearly a useful resource for RMA, the two businesses are in fact separate. As a result, our team takes a long-term view of this industry partner and works regularly with other accounting firms. We recognize that our clients use independent accounting companies and we place great value on the knowledge, insight and expertise that this sector brings to RMA.
  • Operational Experts: Effectively preparing for sale can add significant value so we frequently refer potential clients to operational experts to assist them with what can sometimes be years of work leading up to a transaction. Conversely, we receive a number of referrals from these operational specialists when it’s ‘go time’ and our transactional expertise is required.



We take a long-term view of their industry partner relationships. The culture at the firm is one of strategic collaboration, not short-term transactional thinking.

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